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We offer the complete undetected RS Bot Pack on our downloads page completely free of charge.

AboutAbout Us

We are a dedicated Runescape Bots development team that offers constant free updates and security checks to ensure full feature functionality.


We have been doing a lot of work over the last 3 years RunescapeBotsZ has been online. So much work, in fact, that we haven’t been able to update the website in a long time! We are looking for new suggestions to implement in the software.

We have recently made fantastic changes to the setup process of the bot. If you have been looking for something to quickly set up and use then our tools are definitely for you. The entire package can be set up and installed before Runescape even initializes. Our testers have been able to get it up and running in under 5 minutes.

In other news we have announced a partnership with The team over there has shown an enormous competency for creating advanced features with a focus on security. We will now be sharing segments of code along with the methodology used there. There is no stopping us now!

We just came out with an urgent update to our download. In an effort to keep your account we have commissioned our dedicated developers to add a new multi-layer anti-detection system that is exclusive to our website. We have not shared this technology with any other programmers the algorithm has been created by us. This is very important that you get this version of the file to remain undetected on live servers. Jagex has recently updated their anti-detection methods so we added some extra security. We have thoroughly tested all of the features since the new patch and it works flawlessly. All you need to do is overwrite the executable to keep all of your settings from the previous version. We have also made a few other minor tweaks and additions that we were planning to release in a few days. We are releasing them all early due to the urgency of the announcement.

A few of our improvements include:

  • Update for compatibility and safety on the newest live servers!
  • Auto Miner script enhancement – more details in the log file.
  • Fletcher script fix – we noticed on certain file systems there were random crashes that happened intermittently when run for long periods of time.
  • There are a bunch of other fixes and feature additions just check the log.txt to see the complete and comprehensive add/fix/removal list.

We have also noticed a number of imitation websites popping up. If someone is offering our files available for a price then please notify us and we will take care of it. Make sure you look at your browser and it is properly displaying “”. Our software is and always will be totally free and it is very unfortunate that there are people trying to profit from our tedious hard work. We are the only ones that keep the software totally safe.

Please let us know what you think and be sure to report any problems and suggestions you have! You have already been very helpful when it comes to keeping all of our scripts up to date and feature-rich.

Brand New Update

It has been quite a while since we last posted an update on the website this update is a little past overdue. Rest assured the package on our downloads page remains updated almost every single day (sometimes even more than once a day). Our development team is always hard at work to provide you with these up-to-date tools while keeping them stealthy. Don’t worry about the safety and security of what we are offering the files are tested every day, every update and always on the newest version of the game client. We survived the bot nuke and will remain undetected because of our dedication to perfection. It takes a lot of work to maintain such an elaborate piece of software while keeping all the scripts up-to-date to work and be undetected by the live official Jagex servers.

In this update we have added a number of new features. Here is a condensed list (full update log can be found in the download):

  • Updates to the following bot scripts: Troll invasion, smelting, Agility, Cook, Hunting, Magic, Miner, Fletcher, Flaxing, Tanner,  Fisher and more. That was just during the most recent download patch to add and fix broken features.
  • New update to the primary bot client GUI (Graphic User Interface). Changed the layout, added a few features and fixed a button that wasn’t working as intended.
  • Added new spam bot features.
  • Implemented a new cloaking system to make the software even harder to detect.
  • Fixed an issue where the client was crashing when the mining script was loaded.
  • Added a new auto-clicker that has advanced features that include scripting and color sniping.
  • Account creator has been updated to allow the use of proxies, captcha service integration, maximum quantities and other options.
  • Plus the usual fixes and changes.
  • Many more files have been updated to keep the stability.


To get our complete updated package please visit our downloads page. As always – everything is completely free along with all future updates. Please let us know what you think of the changes, additions and other tweaks! Contact us by leaving a comment or using our contact form (coming soon – we will be implementing this on our “About” page or a new Contact page). We always want to know what you think of our software and how it stacks up to the other tools you have used.

We have had our hands completely full dealing with the new Google update that seems to have ravaged our search engine rankings. We are attempting to restore our position to the previous glory we had worked so hard to achieve. We have seen an incredibly steep decline in visitors after the newest algorithm tweak that has unfortunately sent us into oblivion. We won’t bore you with the details but just be aware that many website owners have experienced huge issues in this regard. Expect more frequent updates than before as we dedicate more time to providing you with update information and other goodies on the website. We even plan to perform a complete overhaul of the website style and layout in the near future. All the best of luck – take care!

Runescape Bot Package Update

The development team has been great at updating the RS Bot package files on the website but we haven’t made a new post on the website for quite a while letting you guys know what they’ve done. We really don’t give those guys enough credit they work tirelessly throughout the night ensuring the pack in the download section remains completely undetected and working on the current live servers. It is no easy task when it comes to creating a tool that is full of features as well as being completely reliable. It requires countless hours of programming and debugging. We all owe the genius programmers a great number of thanks!

Anyway let’s get to the good stuff, the new features and tools that have been added to the bot download file.

Feature Changes and Additions:

  • Agility bot fixed by our new guest developer – credits given in the download file.
  • Auto Fisher also working as intended.
  • Cooking script.
  • Multi fighting script that is incredibly versatile.
  • Herblore bot working with amazing new features.
  • AutoMiner – added a bunch of new features. Try it out you won’t be disappointed!
  • Fletching script additions.
  • Multiple Account Manager and Creator.
  • Auto Click Made Easy.
  • Pest Control is now easier to set up and works flawlessly.
  • Runescape Marketer (SpamBot) Pro.
  • Sorceress Garden Automated script fixes.
  • Amazing New Plank Bot.
  • Thief bot working perfectly – fixed a number of features.
  • Tanning Bot – fixed a number of features with Jagex update.
  • Runecrafting Bot updated.
  • Fletcher Script is now 100% auto.
  • Smelting bot bugs fixed.
  • All tools, bots and scripts are completely unlimited – no ‘lite’ version this is the complete full package it is all you could possibly need for all your Runescape automation needs!


Preview of the new Additions:

Runescape AutoMiner



You can get the entire collection of scripts, bots and tools from our downloads page completely free of charge. Find it here: Download


You guys, the visitors, are what make our website what it is today and we thank you for choosing RunescapeBotsz for all the RS bots, scripts and tools you could possibly need! Once you’ve downloaded the files and given them a test run be sure to tell us what you think and report any issues you’ve come across. Our team always makes sure to test the files completely with an array of professional software to determine any security vulnerabilities or broken features but there are inevitably operating system and other random conflicts.

RS Bot 2012 Update

Here is our second blog update for 2012 letting all of you wonderful visitors about the new features and files we’ve added to the RS Bot download section.  We have been working day and night to ensure the best undetected Runescape Hacks and bots are available completely free for everyone who may want them. Our development team has worked endless hours to maintain the integrity and functionality of the bot pack. Additional Bots and Hacks have been contributed from well-known software programmers to give you a wide array of utilities that you can implement to improve your game play. Below is a short list of a few added features to the free files available for download.

RS Hacks and Bots Script Additions:

  • Auto Agility
  • Auto Chopper
  • Updated Cooker
  • Fixed Crafter
  • Brand New Automated Fisher
  • New Fletcher
  • Working Hunter Bot
  • Fresh Pest Control Script
  • Auto Thiever
  • Auto Rune Crafter
  • Working AutoMiner
  • Fixed Smelter

As mentioned up above, we have added a ton of new tools from various hack and bot creators well known in the community and double checked by our professional team to ensure their full reliability and safety. Tools such as the Swift Kit ultimate guide client will help you with almost every aspect of the game.  Included in the free download is also stuff like a Spammer and Auto Switcher.  We have included all the tools you could possibly need to ensure everyone gets what they need.

RS Bot Screenshots:

runescape bot sz1


rs bot sz1

To Download Our Runescape Bots:

Go to our free downloads section

Thanks For Checking Out The Site!

We appreciate your visit and encourage all feedback that you can possibly muster no matter how harsh! Be truthful and let us know about any bugs or features that stop working that you encounter along the way and we will quickly get the team working on a fix.  We release fixes for files really quickly without any cost or hesitation.

Runescape Bots in 2012

We haven’t posted a blog entry in a while despite our constant updates to the Runescape Bot package available free on our downloads page.  We are always updating the free files available on the website often on a daily basis and are continuing this dedication into 2012.  The members of our team are highly experienced and learned on the subject of game hacking and take pride in the fact that we have dedicated a lot of time to maintain the integrity of what we are offering.  Our devoted testing and development team ensures the safety and functionality of all the files available on the downloads page.  There are a number of new fixes and enhancements and scripts you should be aware of:

  • Auto Flaxer
  • Fight Bot
  • Thief Bot
  • Mining Script
  • Auto Fish Bot
  • Rune Craft Script
  • Smelting Script
  • Fletcher Bot
  • Auto Magic
  • Burning Bot
  • Chop Bot
  • Agility Script

Screenshot of the current Runescape Bot package available free for download:



Thank you so much for visiting our website and we encourage you to provide all the feedback you can muster.  If you have any comments about our website or the files we are providing please send us an email or leave a comment on this page.  We try very hard to ensure you have the best up-to-date, working, free advantage for Runescape.

Runescape Bots Fresh Update

We have been silently updating our Runescape bots package all throughout 2011 to ensure everything is working and undetected.  We are proud always have daily checked safe premium tools available free for download.  It has been a while since we last updated our home page with the details of our labors.  We would like to reassure you we’re always working hard to bring you the best free rs bots, tools, hacks and anything that could help you in game.

Here are the most recent list of improvements made to the bots on our downloads page:

  • New undetected AutoMiner
  • Updated AutoHunter
  • New Auto Wood Cutter
  • Updated Auto Fisher
  • Fixed Auto Fletcher
  • Auto Fire Maker updated new version
  • Auto Crafter Updated
  • Added new Auto Zombies and Goats script
  • Added Auto Trawler
  • We have updated all of our runescape bots for mac and windows to ensure everyone can enjoy them.

Our exclusive runescape bots package is available on our downloads page and as always is free!  Our dedicated runescape botting team daily ensures the validity of all the files shared on this website so you can feel confident you are using all the files within the package.  We’re gaining momentum!  You can now find us on the first page of Google under Runescape bots and other terms in the US.  We’re glad everyone is enjoying our software so much and plan to continue offering our free premium package.

Updated RS Bots preview screen shot:

runescape bot new




This is the bot getting ready to farm September 2011.  It is using minimal GUI mode which means it does not overlay text or graphics over the game absolutely minimizing chances of detection.

Download Our Runescape Bots Pack:


As usual if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Runescape bot package do not hesitate to contact us through comment or support e-mail.  We are happy to address any problems you encounter or request you contribute.

Runescape Bots Complete Update

It has been a while since we updated our website. We have been silently updating our runescape bots package available free for download on a regular basis to ensure it remains undetected. The package has been updated with a number of new scripts previously not available. A number of these scripts are exclusive to this website and have been programmed by our dedicated team of runescape bot developers. Many of these are premium scripts available on other sites – made free for download from our team!


Runescape Bot Pack Features:

  • Bug fix on autominer script
  • Improved auto wood cutter script
  • Includes cracked iDungeon Pro, Fungus Pro, Dag Pro, Cockroach Killer, Pro Fisher, Yew Chopper (see featured image), Aviansies Massacre and Sneaky Farmer Pro with the package.
  • Added RS Auto Switcher for instant switching in duel wars, any PVP, castle wars and soul wars.  A real life-saver.
  • Many other minor bug fixes included in the change log…

I’m sure you’ve noticed the complete redesign of the website. We figured it was time to spice up the look of the site a little bit so the team was commissioned to build a theme worthy of our wonderful content. What do you think? Let us know we’re dying to hear your thoughts on the new look!  A screenshot of the before and after of the makeover has been included below for you guys to check out!  Now you can download your runescape bots in style!

Before After
rs bots Z ss rs bots Z ss NEW

If you want to download our runescape bots package feel free to visit our downloads page.  All of the software, tools and scripts included in our download have been confirmed undetected by our exclusive team of developers. The RS bots package is and always will be free available to any visitor for download without registration try it yourself!

RS Bot Update

RS Bot Free Update

Runescape Bots has been taking a development break and it’s been a while since we updated the website and the scripts we’re offering. We’re glad so many people are happy with the newest version of the bot there seems to be very few compatibility issues! We’ve added a couple new scripts to the library we’re currently offering for free. We’ve also fortified a couple of the scripts we were previously offering as usual. Our goal is to become the number one 2011 rs bot provider thanks for helping us out! Most of these scripts can be configured to farm runescape gold and other rs items 24/7 or on a schedule. Who could say no to free rs money? Included below is the complete list of upgraded features for this installment.

List of rs bot upgrades:

  • improved runescape fishing bot
  • added free runescape account creator
  • upgraded rs autominer
  • fixed auto woodcutter
  • added rs thieving bot script

We are open to any suggestions, feature requests, bug reports or just any questions you may have so be sure to contact us by e-mail or posting a comment!  Our on-site rs bot testing team has tested every script and program available for download on our site.  Because of this you can be sure that our rs bot and all of its scripts are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to be working and undetected on live Jagex servers.  The primary rs bot and script have been developed by the team here at runescape botsz, however, many of the scripts have been donated and modified to suite our needs.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our downloads section!

New screenshots of the free RS bots:
rs bot ss

Download our RS bots:

To download the newest version of the rs bot, check out our downloads section it always has the newest version of the free bot along with all the extra bonus scripts.

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the rs bots offered on this website don’t hesitate to send us a support e-mail or post a comment!  If you feel like testing out our scripts and bots feel free to make a test account (we have a tool for easy account creation) and give them a try on live jagex servers here.   Before you even know it your rs account will be beyond godly without even putting in any effort! We take runescape botting seriously and we want to make sure everyone is happy with our working rs bot.

Runescape bots fresh update 2011

Runescape bots free new update

It has been quite a while since we posted a brand new runescape bots update here at rs botsz.  So we’re glad to announce a new package of rs scripts and rs auto downloads exclusive to this website.  This update brings together a fortified version of the rs bots existing package we have been offering free for download.  We have strengthened a number of scripts included in the download and we are continuously working on fixing and improving new features.  All of the rs scripts included are fully functional and will automate everything from fishing to fighting to mining automatically.

rs bots update list:

improved runescape autominer, autofighter, autominer and more

added auto rune crafter, auto traveler and others

Why use our runescape bots?

If you’ve ever wondered how people get so good at runescape without wasting their entire life farming gold and other items.  Why not just let a bot do it for you?   We have added a new feature to the website where you can always find the newest version of the bot available on the right side of the website at the top of the other menus.  We realized it can be difficult or annoying searching through the entire post for the download link.  The newest version of our rs bot included with all the working updated scripts is always posted on that page.  We’re glad to be your favorite source for runescape bots and other scripts like runesape autominer, rs autofighter and many more.  All of the scripts are included in the official download found at our download page.  All of our downloads for rs bots mac and pc should be fully compatible with any operating system you want to be running!  We want to make sure anyone using a mac computer still has the opportunity to use these amazing mac rs bots and scripts.


Runescape bots Screenshots:

runescape bots

rs bots

Download our runescape bots!

You can always check out the newest version of our free runescape bot download on our downloads page.  We always keep the newest version available on this to ensure there is no confusion with multiple links.  The package supplied on the page contains all of the newest runescape bots for mac and pc with all their updated scripts.


The scripts and tools offered by this site are always rigorously tested to ensure they are 100% safe, secure and working.  These runescape bots undetected by jagex are always working and if you ever encounter any problems simply download the newest version.  Thanks for checking out our runescape bots we are glad to be your number one source for all of your rs auto scripts and needs always free for download.